Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lunchtime Lecture

I see similarities between the doodle and the fresco painting.


Nancy said...

I love the guy on the far right.

mario miranda said...


Great drawing. This sketch brought back lots of funny memories. That was one of the many momentous days in the internship. The guy second to the right with the Hawaiian shirt, I wanted to punch in the neck for some odd reason. Ryan Church man, what more can I say.

Paul Abadilla said...

nancy - haha ya, i had a blast drawing that guy. i loved how he was just getting down to business.

mario - thanks man. ya i agree, it was sure momentous. and that's so you to say that, "punch you in the neck" hahaha.

lindsey olivares said...

i love this so so much.

the day we shook ryan church's hand...oh wait
haha sorry mario