Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SF Sketches

While riding the BART to sf. Homeboy had a cool hat.

This fellow looked like Mael.

This woman could talk talk and talk.


pavementmouse said...

Thats some fine pen work there. Hope your semester's going well.

Leo Matsuda said...

great sketches Paul! I really loved the tree house illustration. really appealing and moody!!!

Paul Abadilla said...

Thanks folks =)

Grudo said...

Hi my brother!
These sketches are so sensible, I love them. You're right ! The second is really me... I take it for my desktop.

please keep the way.



Beautiful sketches!

Paul Abadilla said...

mael - ya i was confused because i knew you're in france but the minute i saw this guy it got me asking, mael is that you? what are you doing here in san francisco?

shane - thank you very much, sir. =)

Adam_Pintek said...

looking good man!!!
see you in class.. aaaah

°*¤(¯`*•.¸ noOdle .•*´¯)¤*° said...

So great sketches !! You're right, this guy looks like Mael !

22 said...