Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plein Air Pastels with Bill Cone

Here's a chunk of pastels done during the course of the class, taught by Bill Cone.

This is on the other side of the Berkeley Hills in the early AM. The bushes on the f/g and m/g is kind of flat because of the same treatment of plants regarding detail and value. should've pushed the darks darker in the f/g and a bit less in the m/g.

This one's overlooking the SF Bay, atop of the Berkeley Hills during sunset. This was a fun exercise, chasing the light and all the colors in all their glory during this golden hour. In the background, you can see tons of atmosphere and fog covering the hills and costline.

This was my first attempt in attacking water with the pastels, at a man-made pond at a park near my house in San Jose. I had to forget that what i was looking at was "water" but focus on patterns, shapes, and color instead.

this has to be my favorite out of the ones on this post. i didn't let the limited palette control what i was going to put down; lots of back and forth going on here when it came to really getting that atmospheric perspective. i still feel like i could've pushed the hills in the background to be even more desaturated.

this one was at the cemetary in oakland - at some crypt, i forgot. there were beautiful views of the bay but i turned away and focused on the hills behind me along with the roadpath leading up to our site. i fought very hard to indicate shapes and light instead of rendering the hell out of something.


Scott Watanabe said...

Look at you go! I particularly enjoy the water ones.

Dawndada said...

Stunnnning. The kids at my school are influencing me to get into water coloring. I can't wait!

Maël Gourmelen said...

Ouch ! ok, I didn't went here for a while, but I see you kept the right way Paul. How are you dear friend ?
I'm really stunned by these pieces.

Please carry on.
Miss you !

Smarry said...

Hey I am getting confused it is painting or snap.............

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Tim Heitz said...

Great Pastels Paul!

And I agree with Scott-- the water ones are my favs!

Felipe Domingos said...

Nice work Paul!

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