Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monsters University

Finally, a post dedicated to my second feature film project at Pixar. If you haven't already seen the film, go out to your nearest theater and do so! I was lucky enough to get a handful of painting assignments on some of the sets and characters in the film (although some didn't make it - namely, Sludge Falls Elem. and the Quad Bridge). All of these pieces are digitally painted over drawings and sculpts masterfully crafted by the artists credited below. And if you're a fellow ShrunkenHeadMan, you might want to pay closer attention to the first couple of paintings for a little shoutout! :) All artwork copyright by Disney/Pixar.

Door Tech Lab - layout by Kristian Norelius
Sludge Falls Elementary - layout by Kristian Norelius
Quad Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge
Door Tech Lab Bas Relief - design by Ricky Nierva

Roar Omega Roar Fraternity (fka "EEK") - digital sculpts by Jason Bickerstaff
Terri & Terry Perry - digital sculpt by Jason Bickerstaff


Eli Rosen said...

Nice job, love the SHM easter eggs on the chalkboard.

Kristy Kay said...

Beautiful work Paul!